Bookings: viewing availability/bookings without logging in

You can set up your system to allow access to view the availability of your resources, or to view bookings, without first having to log into the system as a user. 

How does this work?

As an Administrator you can choose to switch this on. Once this has been done anyone that accesses the User Login page for your system will see a link that allows them to View Availability or View Bookings

To actually make bookings they need to log into the system as a user. Please see Users: How to add users to your system for details on setting up users.

Setting up View Availability/Bookings Without Logging In

  1. From the Admin Panel select Settings.> System Settings.Select Login & Signup.
  2. To allow anyone to see the calendar and view the availability of resources without logging in click the box next to View Availability Without Logging In.

    Note that this also allows them to view the name of the user that made the booking and (if the  Everyone User Permission on your system allows access to View all booking notes) to see any notes on the booking. Please see this article for more information on user permissions and this one on Booking Notes.
  3. If you do not want them to view those details, also tick Hide All Booking DetailsAny bookings on the Calendar when then just show as Booked with no further detail.
  4. If you would like non-logged in visitors to be able to view all the bookings and their details but in list format, select the box next to View All Bookings Without Logging In.You cannot turn off the user and booking note details in this view. 
  5. Click Update System Setting to save the changes.
  6. If anyone then accesses the user login page for your system they will then see links to View Availability or View Bookings, depending on the options you have set. They simply need to click on these.

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