Users: How to add users to your system

Users can make, edit and manage bookings for different rooms and resources (depending on their level of access, see setting up user permissions). This article shows you the two manual methods of adding users to your system - you can also allow users to be automatically added when they log in for the first time via your System Settings.

NOTE: if you want to use an external authentication method (such as LDAP, ADFS, Frog, etc), rather than a username and password login, then users added via the methods in this article will not be able to login via external authentication by default. If you want to use external authentication, and have manually created users on your system, please email us a list of those users to so that we can flag them as externally authenticated.

Manually adding Users

  1. From the Admin Homepage select Users > Add User or if bulk importing (see below) User Import.
  2. Enter the user's details under Username, First Name, Last Name and Email.

    NOTE: The username must be different to any other in the school.

  3. To add the user to an existing department select the department from the Department drop down.If you want a new department added to the list you should first go to Manage Departments from the Administrator Homepage and select Add Department, then return to adding the user.
  4. You can optionally select a display colour for the user's bookings on the calendar.
  5. The Send Welcome Email with Username & Password option will generate an email to the new user with a link to login and set their own choice of password. If you do not want this to happen at this point you can untick it. You can send the same email at any point by editing the user's record and clicking the Reset Password button. 
  6. The Your Resources section allows you to set the user up as the "owner" of certain rooms (see the Setting up the Resource Owner section of this article for more details).
    When you have finished assigning rooms, just click the cross at the top to exit.

    When the resources have been assigned, you should see them show on the Add User page. If you need to remove a resource click the cross next to it.
  7. To save the new user record, click on Add User

Importing Users

If you want to add a number of users at the same time you can import them directly into the system in bulk. Note that all users added in this way will immediately receive an email containing a login and password reset link. To import users you need to create a spreadsheet file containing the following columns:

Email address
Department (optional)

The file should look something like this:

NOTE: The first row of the CSV file (ie the one with "Username", "Email Address" etc) is never imported and is only used to identify the data in the rows below.

Once you have created your file please make sure that you save it as type CSV (Comma delimited).

You are now ready to import the file with your users in it:

  1. Go to Users > User Import.
  2. Click the Choose File button:
  3. Choose the CSV file that you saved earlier and click the Upload button when you are ready to proceed.
  4. The system will try to match up the columns in the file to the ones it expects. Please check that these are correctly matched and click Continue.
  5. The data is now imported and you should see the successful import message:

If there were any problems with the import the system will let you know what went wrong, such as if there was a blank row in the middle of the file - you can then correct the error and try again.

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