Firefly: Setting up user authentication


In order to use Firefly logins, you need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Your provided Firefly URL can be accessed via port 443 by our servers. We do not allow unencrypted login transactions.
  • Users need to have the "Set a task" ability set on their account in Firefly.
Note: When users log into Room Booking through Firefly we perform a match between their Firefly username and their Room Booking username. If you have existing users in Room Booking and the usernames differ between the two systems we need to assign to the existing Room Booking users the Firefly format/username.

If there is a common format to the usernames please email with the details.

If the usernames do not follow a common format then export the user list (using System Settings >  Export Data > Download Users), amend the usernames in the resulting spreadsheet and send the file to the same address.  


  1. Log into Room Booking as an admin and navigate to the System Settings > Authentication > Firefly Single Sign-on page.
  2. Turn on the Firefly SSO Enabled option. You can use this to toggle the authentication method as a whole. When disabled, no users will be able to log in.
  3. You may wish to enable the Automatically Create New Users option. When enabled, new users who have successfully authenticated with Firefly will have an account created for them on Room Booking.
  4. Fill in the Firefly URL.
  5. Click Update System Settings to save your changes.

Further Information

If you run into any problems with logins please have a look at the Firefly: User's bookings not showing as expected help article.

If you'd like to see how the login experience works, check the  Firefly: Overview of the user login guide.

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