Firefly: User's bookings not showing as expected

When setting up Firefly logins for the first time, you may come across issues where the user is being logged into a new user account instead of an existing one.

A Firefly user is matched to a Room Booking user based on the username provided by Firefly: 

  • If there is no match, and Automatically Create New Users is turned on in Home > System Settings > Firefly Single Sign-On, then a new user is created in the Room Booking.
  • If there is no match, and Automatically Create New Users option is not turned on in Home > System Settings > Firefly Single Sign-On, then the system will give a login error like this:

In cases where the Firefly user is not properly matched to their Room Booking user, we may need to change the username on your behalf. 

Firefly is not our system, so you may need to contact them to find the username in Firefly, However, it is likely to be found under the Modify User section:

The username should be at the top. It is "chris_hughes" in the above example.

Correcting the problem

Were you to turn on the Automatically create new users option in Room Booking, this example chris_hughes user, when they first log in would be created with the same details assigned to their user in Firefly - and would show like this in the Users > Manage Users section of the Room Booking administrator panel:

If Christopher was using the system with a different username before Firefly was implemented (or perhaps his username format has been changed since), you will see an existing duplicate account something like this:

If you want Christopher to be logged into the system via Firefly but using this existing account (retaining access to his old bookings) you need to change the username in Room Booking to match that of the user in Firefly. The next time that user logs in via Firefly, they would be matched to the "old" account and the "new" account could then be deleted.

Currently, it isn't possible for administrators to set the username of users directly, so please email us on and we will fix the issue for you. 

If only one user is affected, just let us know which user it is and what their Firefly username is. If there are more users involved, we can either:

  1. Change the accounts in bulk using a pattern if all usernames have a particular format.
  2. Use a CSV, supplied by you, to set each user's username.
    The CSV needs to contain the following columns:
    • Forename
    • Surname
    • Email
    • Firefly Username
    • existing Room Booking Username (if applicable)
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