Firefly: Overview of the user login

Firefly authentication provides an easy way for your users to log into the system. When a standard user navigates to your Room Booking what they see will depend on if they are already logged in to Firefly or not.

To configure Firefly as a login method, please see  Firefly: Setting up user authentication

Where the user is already logged Into Firefly

There are three possible outcomes when the user is logged into Firefly, depending on what has been set in the Automatically Create New Users option (Home > System Settings > Firefly Single Sign On). 

  1. When the Automatically Create New Users option is enabled, and the username in firefly does not match one in the Room Booking, a new user will be created automatically on logging in.
    They will then see the introduction splash screen:
  2. When the Automatically Create New User option is not enabled, and the username in firefly does not match one in Room Booking, the system will provide an error on login:
    This means that you need to either create a new user (or edit an existing user) in Room Booking so that their username matches the one in Firefly.
  3. Regardless of the Automatically Create New User option's setting, if the username in firefly matches one in Room Booking they will simply be logged in and shown either the splash page or their calendar.

Where the user is not already logged into Firefly

If the user attempts to access Room Booking when they are not logged into Firefly they will be passed straight to your standard Firefly authentication page. Once they have logged in to that, they are taken directly into Room Booking.

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