Pending Bookings: How a Resource Owner activates or rejects a pending booking

Rooms or resources which have been set up to have bookings added as pending need to have those bookings activated or rejected (deleted). This article explains how a Resource Owner does this.

To set up a user as the owner of a resource or room, please follow this guide: How to make a user a Resource owner.

To set a resource/room to have bookings added as pending see this guide: Pending Bookings: How to make bookings require confirmation by a nominated user

Note: Bookings can also be activated by Administrators. See How does an Administrator activate pending bookings? for more details.

Activating Pending Bookings as a Resource Owner

A Resource Owner can activate any bookings that have been made for the resources they own (i.e. which appear on their User Record under Your Resources) - as long as they have been given permission to do so in User Permissions.

  1. When a Resource Owner logs into their User account they see a note at the top of the Calendar advising them that they have pending bookings to authorise.

  2. They can either click on the link or go to Bookings > Your Resources.
  3. Bookings needing approval have a checkbox in the Activate column. Check this box (or click Check All underneath the list of bookings if you would like to activate all outstanding bookings).
  4. Click Activate Bookings
  5. If Email Notifications have been set up the user will receive an email advising the booking is now confirmed.
  6. To turn down a pending booking click on the red cross that appears when you hover your mouse over the booking.
  7. The Confirm Booking Delete screen has a box in which a reason for deleting the booking can be entered. This is sent in an email to the user that made the pending booking.
  8. Click on Delete Booking.
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