SIMS: Manually Importing Data

This guide shows you how to export data from SIMS into a file can then easily be imported into SchoolCloud Room Booking, without the need to make any changes or alterations.

If your school does not use SIMS and you're looking for generic instructions on manually importing data, see this guide instead.

Note: Wherever possible we recommend using our SIMS Client as it automates the sync of data from SIMS. We work with many Local Authorities and Hosted SIMS providers to enable use of the Extract Tool, even when SIMS is not hosted in your school.

Check your SIMS Permissions

In order to run the reports in SIMS, the user you log in as must have the following three permissions:

  • School Administrator
  • Cover Manager
  • Third Party Reporting

Import and run the SIMS Report Definition

We provide a SIMS Report Definition that contains all of the required fields for importing Rooms & Timetables into SchoolCloud Room Booking.

  1. Click here to download a .zip file containing the SIMS Report Definition.
  2. Extract the SIMS Report Definition from the .zip file to a folder on your computer.
  3. Import the SIMS Report Definition via the Reports > Import option in SIMS.

  4. In SIMS click on Reports > Run Report.

    From the Focus option on the left hand side of the Open Report window, select Room on the left and then and then locate Room Booking System - Timetable on the right.

    Double-click on the report name to run the report.

  5. Click Ok and specify a location and name for the file, ensuring that you end the file name with ".csv" (without the quotes).

    For example, in the box type  Room Booking System Export.csv.

Import the data into SchoolCloud Room Booking

Before importing timetable classes there does need to be a timetable set up on your system. If this is the first import of data onto your system, or if the data being imported has to be added with a different start date from the current timetable data (e.g. you are setting up a new term, or changing timetable entries and don't want to overwrite the current timetable) please follow our guide Manage Timetables before continuing.

Importing Timetable Classes

  1. Login to SchoolCloud Room Booking as an Admin and from the navigation bar at the left of the screen click Timetable > Timetable Import.
  2. A sample of the data needed on your import file will show, depending on how it looks, you may need to prepare the file before continuing.Click Choose File and browse to your timetable data .CSV file.Then click Upload.
  3. Next to DayTimeslotRoomClass, and Week select the name of the columns in your .CSV file that matches to that field.Under Timetable choose the timetable that you wish to upload the data into. Select the current timetable to take immediate effect, or see our guide Manage Timetables if you would like to add a new one.Under When to Apply the Import select your preferred option.Click Continue to go ahead, or Cancel if you no longer wish to proceed.
  4. From the dropdowns match the names of the timeslots in your .CSV file to those on the system.Click Continue to go ahead, or Cancel if you no longer wish to proceed.
  5. This screen will confirm your timetable has been uploaded, or is waiting to be imported, and will also confirm an estimated completion date/time.A sample of the data imported will also show, if correct click Finish.
    If incorrect select Cancel and start the process again. 

What's Next

If your system is set up with a one week timetable and you need to add any additional holidays, see this guide.

If your system is set up with any other timetable type, and you do not currently have term dates set up on your system, please see this guide.

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