Adding/Managing Term Dates

NOTE: This guide should only be followed if you are manually importing your data onto the system. If your system is set up with integration to your School Management System then Term Dates will be included from that sync.

If your timetable runs anything other than on a one week basis SchoolCloud RoomBooking needs to know your term dates in order that the correct timetable days display on the Calendar. This feature allows you to enter all your relevant term dates, and the week/days these start.

Any dates not covered by term dates entered would be considered as holidays by the system. Users would only be able to book on these dates if they have been given access to do so (see this guide). Admins can always book during these times.

NOTE: If your timetable runs on a one weekly basis please see this guide instead.

Adding Term Dates

To add your term dates follow the steps below.

  1. Once logged onto SchoolCloud Room Booking as an Admin select Timetable > Term Dates from the navigation bar at the left of the screen.
  2. Under Add New Term Date enter the details for your term date.Start Date: Date the term starts

    End Date: Date the term ends

    Starting Week/Day: Enter the starting week of your term, if your timetable is bi-weekly, or the starting day in other cases.

    Click Add New Term.
  3. The term details entered will then appear under the Manage Existing Term Dates section.Repeat the steps to add additional dates.

Deleting/Amending Term Dates

You can remove or amend term dates entered.

  1. From the bar at the left of the screen select Timetable > Term Dates.Existing term dates will be listed under Manage Existing Term Dates.
  2. To amend update the relevant Start Date, End Date or Starting Week on the record currently entered.
    You will not be able to change any dates if the dates are in the past. Click Update Term Dates to save the changes.
  3. To delete an entry click the red cross at the end of the entry. You will then be asked if you are sure you want to delete. Click Delete to confirm or Cancel if you do not wish to proceed.
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