Manually Importing Timetable Classes

Who should use this guide?

This guide will help you with manually importing timetable classes into SchoolCloud Room Booking. This may be necessary if:

  • you don't have a school management system we currently support, or
  • you are using a hosted SIMS installation which your provider does not support, or
  • we have advised you to use the manual import method.

If you use a hosted SIMS installation and the hosted provider does not support our SIMS Client, please instead follow the SIMS: Manually Importing Data guide which is similar to this guide but includes details on how to extract data from SIMS.

Note: Please do not manually import your data if your system is set up to sync with your school management system, as any manually imported data will be overwritten when the sync runs later. If you have any questions, please contact us via

Note: that if your school uses Timetabler you can export the data from there in a file that can then be easily uploaded following the steps in the Importing Timetable Classes section below.

What data do I need to import?

Timetable classes can be imported from a .CSV file. This file could be generated from your school management system, if available, or by manually creating a spreadsheet.

To see a sample of the data you will need to log into the system as an admin and from the navigation bar at the left of the screen click Timetable > Timetable Import.

The sample data will show on screen.

You can import a timetable for a select number of rooms/resources on the system. The data needed is dependent on the timetable on your system (e.g single weekly, bi-weekly etc).

If the details shown do not seem to relate to what would be needed (e.g . if you have a bi-weekly timetable but the sample does not include Week information) please contact us at

Manage Timetables

Before importing timetable classes there needs to be a timetable already set up on your system. If this is the first import of data onto your system, or if the data being imported has to be added with a different start date from the current timetable data (e.g. you are setting up a new term, or changing the timetable entries) and you don't want to overwrite the current timetable please follow our guide Manage Timetables before continuing.

Will the import add new rooms?

The import will add any new rooms not already set up on your system. If you want to add a room to the system without any timetabled classes you can include the room in your .csv by just entering the room name and leaving the other columns blank.

If you already have rooms set up on your system please ensure that the room name in your file matches the room name already visible on the system under Resources > Manage Resources.

Any room names that do not exist will automatically be added as a new room under the Unassigned (hidden) category.

What happens with conflicting bookings?

Should the timetable import conflict with any current bookings in the system, those bookings will be removed and the users notified of this by email.

Importing Timetable Classes

Once you have your import file follow the steps below.

  1. Log into SchoolCloud Room, Booking as an Admin and from the navigation bar at the left of the screen click Timetable > Timetable Import.
  2. A sample of the data in your import file will show, if not already done so you will may need to adjust the file before continuing.Click Choose File browse to your timetable data .CSV file.Then click Upload.
  3. Next to Day, Timeslot, Room, Class, Week select the name of the column in your .CSV file that matches that field.Under Timetable choose the timetable on the system you would like to upload to. Select the current timetable, or see our guide Manage Timetable if you would like to add a new one.Under When to Apply the Import select your preferred option.Click Continue to go ahead, or Cancel if you no longer wish to proceed.
  4. From the dropdowns match the names of the timeslots on your .CSV file with those on the system.Click Continue to go ahead, or Cancel if you no longer wish to proceed.
  5. This screen will confirm your timetable has been uploaded, or is waiting to be imported, and will also confirm an estimated completion date/time.A sample of the data imported will also show, if correct click Finish.
    If incorrect select Cancel and start the process again. COol,

What's Next

If your system is set up with a one week timetable and you need to add any additional holidays to your system please see this guide.

If your system is set up with any timetable type other than one week, and you do not currently have term dates set up on your system, please see this guide.

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