Admins - Creating Administrator Accounts

An Administrator account was created during the initial set up of your system, but if you need more than one Administrator (or type of Administrator) you can add additional accounts.

What is an Administrator?

An Administrator's function is to control and manage the Room Booking System. They will have access to the admin panel which allows the adjustment of all system settings in addition to overseeing all bookings. Admin accounts are completely different to (and separate from) User Accounts and cannot book resources in their own name. They log onto the system via the Admin Login screen and will have an Administrator Login and password to use to log in.

Adding a new Administrator account

To add a new Administrator account to your system please follow the steps below.

  1. From the Admin Homepage select Users > Manage Admins..Click Add Administrator.
  2. Enter the details in the fields.Username - The username the Admin will use when logging into the system.
    First Name -The Admin's first name.
    Last Name - The Admin's last name.
    Email - The Admin's email address.
  3. Under Permissions deselect any permissions you do not want the account to have.Click Add Administrator.The account will be created and an email sent for the admin to set their password.

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