Bookings: Transfer Requests

You can enable a Transfer Request option to allow a user to send a message to another user requesting that an existing booking be transferred. This option is enabled by default on your system, but can be switched off for all your users if you prefer.

How do Transfer Requests work?

When a user logs onto the system and accesses the Calendar they may find the time/timeslot they want has already been booked by another user. That user can then click on the existing booking to load this Transfer Booking Request screen.

This shows the Date, Time and Room/Resource of the booking and allows them to add an optional message which will be sent to the user who has booked the room/resource when they click Send Transfer Request.

If you have Email Notifications enabled for your users an email is then sent to the original booker advising of the request.

The link in the email will log them into the system and allow them to agree or decline the request. 

Alternatively when a user logs in they will see a message at the top of the Calendar detailing any request that has been made about one of their bookings (if they are already logged in the request will appear whenever the screen is refreshed).

To accept click Transfer Booking to xx Bookings (xx being the name of the user requesting the transfer). They will then be asked to confirm their decision, or Cancel the transfer.

If they click Accept Transfer Booking it transfers the booking into the requester's name and (if you have email notifications enabled) sends an email confirming the booking has been transferred.

If they click Decline Booking Transfer the transfer does not proceed and (if you have email notifications enabled) sends an email confirming the booking transfer was declined. 

Disabling/re-enabling Transfer Requests

To enable/disable transfer requests follow the steps below.

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Timetable Options.
  2. Tick or untick the box next to Allow Users to Send Transfer Booking Requests as required.
  3. Click Update Timetable Option to save the change. 
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