Digital Signage Screens

The Digital Signage option allows you to configure a screen which can be displayed on your Digital Signage, allowing you to display the availability of a specific category or single resource without having to log into the system.The screen is a secure page only accessible if you know the unique link. 

Creating a Digital Signage Screen

  1. From the Administrator Homepage go to Settings > Digital Signage.
  2. On the drop down under Category to Show choose the resource category that you would like to set the screen up for.
  3. Select the option you would prefer under Resource to ShowSelecting All Resources will create a day view of the Calendar showing all resources in the category. Selecting an individual resource this will create a week view .
  4. Click Add New Signage Screen

    A unique URL will be created under Categories (Day View) or Single Resources (Week View) depending on the option you selected on creation.This link can now be accessed on your preferred device to display the screen.
    The username will show against any bookings. If you also want the booking notes displayed the Everyone user permission must have View all booking notes selected
    Please see Users: How to set up user permissions for further details on setting up user permissions.

  5. To set up any further screens follow the same process and additional URLs will be created for use.

Deleting a Digital Signage Screen

  1. From the Administrator Homepage go to Settings > Digital Signage.
  2. Find the record for the screen you would like to delete. Those created for a resources in a category will show under Categories (Day View). Those created for single resources will show under Single Resources (Week View). Click the red cross next to the relevant record. If happy to go ahead and delete click Confirm Deletion. If you don't want to go ahead click Cancel.
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