Lettings: How to generate invoices

Once chargeable bookings have been added to the system you can then generate invoices for them. These can be generated for all, or specific, hirers for bookings made during a specified date range.

How to generate invoices

  1. From the Administrator Panel select Invoices > Generate Invoices. 
    The next screen lets you set the criteria for the invoices to be generated.

    Under Hirers select who the invoices should be generated for. You can either select All for everyone or the name of a specific hirer.

    Under Date Range enter the start and end date of the bookings you want invoices for.

    Invoice Date lets you select the date the invoice was issued.

    Select the status you would like the generated invoices initially set to. You have the choice of Draft (Pending) or Paid. A draft (or unpaid) invoice can be edited before being sent to a hirer or finalised as an invoice for payment. You can see more about Invoice Statuses here

    If the invoices should be emailed directly to the hirer on generation click the box under Email Invoices to Hirer. Once all details are completed click Next.
  2. The next page lists details of all bookings relevant to the selection criteria that you chose. When the invoices are produced each hirer will have their own invoice created with all the bookings related to them.

    Place a tick in the Invoice? column on each item that you wish to generate invoices for, then click Generate Invoices. You will then see a message advising the number of invoices created, and be presented with a list of all extant invoices on your system.
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