Lettings: How to change existing invoices

There are a number of things you can do with an invoice after it's been created, to help streamline your billing process. This guide covers some of these. All the features referred to can be found via the Invoices tab > Manage Invoices page. When you click on one of the invoices it will take you to the View Invoice page for that invoice.

Update the Invoice Status

The Invoice Status shows which stage has been reached with a particular invoice:

Status Meaning
Draft The invoice has been drafted and is not meant to be official. This state can be used prior to the hirer confirming their booking, so they can see the costs of the booking in advance. While in the "Draft" state, you can still adjust the invoice. When ready to proceed with the booking, you can
  • change the status to "Unpaid" by clicking the Mark as Invoice button
  • "Delete" the invoice.
Unpaid The default status of an official invoice. This is the stage at which you might consider sending the invoice out. You can either mark the invoice "Paid", "Void" or "Deleted" at this stage. While in the "Unpaid" state, you can still adjust the invoice.
Paid A "Paid" invoice signifies that you have been paid the amount shown. This is usually the final stage of invoicing.
Void A "Void" invoice has been marked as not being required. This can be where the amount was incorrect and required editing or the invoice was not required. This is often used as a "softer" version of deleting an invoice because, while you can't do anything with a voided invoice, you can see that it was generated at an earlier date. You can re-generate an invoice for the booking if you select the Allow bookings to be invoiced again option when voiding.
Deleted When an invoice is deleted on the system, it is removed instantly and there is no way to recover it. However, you can re-generate an invoice for the booking if you select the Allow bookings to be invoiced again option when deleting.

How to Adjust an Invoice

While viewing a Draft or Unpaid invoice, you have the ability to adjust it - for example, you might want to change the price of one of the bookings or items in the invoice.

On the left panel, under the Actions section, click the Adjust Invoice/Adjust Draft button (depending on the invoice state).

You can also change the VAT rate and the description for the items along with being able to add new and remove existing items. 

Remember to click Update to save your changes!

Re-sending an Invoice

You can re-send an invoice to the hirer's email address using the Email Invoice/Email Draft button (depending on the state of the invoice). This can be useful if the hirer had some issues with their email, changed their address, or simply if they cannot find the original email.

Printing an Invoice

You can print a copy of an existing draft or invoice using the Print Draft/Print Invoice button. This mirrors the format of the emailed invoices that the system sends, but allows you to give your hirers a copy of the invoice personally, or send the invoices as letters.

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