Bookings: How to create and edit Recurring Bookings

If you want a booking to repeat (For example 'every Tuesday for the next 3 weeks', or the 'first Tuesday of the month for 6 months') you can set it up to recur in a pattern that suits your requirements. You can also edit an existing booking to make it recur, or edit an existing recurring booking to change its parameters. This article shows you how to do this.

Note: You can disable the ability for users to add recurring bookings via  Users > User Permissions. This permission can be given to everyone, or only to specific users - see User Permissions.

For a New Booking

After you have set the basic elements of the booking - start and end times, etc - click on the 'More Options' button:

Select the Recurrence tab and choose a recurrence pattern.

Each of the choices available will present you with relevant extra settings when selected. 

Choose whether the recurrence is for a fixed number of occurrences (up to a maximum of 99), or until a particular date in the future (up to 2 years from the point of booking). Then click on Check Recurrence.

This will present you with a calendar showing the recurrent bookings. If there are no conflicts with bookings or classes already on the system, all the dates will be green and you can proceed to confirm the booking.

If there are conflicts, those dates will show as red and below the calendar you will be presented with the option to choose an alternate room/resource for each date. If you don't want to choose an alternative for a particular date, you can still confirm the booking but there will be no bookings made for those dates.

If any dates are greyed out, it means that the room is closed on the date you are trying to book (usually because of a holiday when you have disabled Allow Users to Make Bookings During Holidays under Timetable > Timetable Options).

To Edit an Existing Non-Recurring Booking

The procedure is the same: on the edit booking screen click on More Options, select the Recurrence tab and proceed as above.

To Edit an Existing Booking Which is Part of a Recurring Booking

When you click to edit a booking that is part of a recurring booking you are presented with the choice of whether you want to edit only that individual booking instance, that individual instance and all remaining instances, or all instances since the recurrence started.

If you are editing one instance only you will then be taken to the usual edit screen, there is no need to change anything in the recurrence tab, and that particular instance will be removed from the recurrence when the edit is saved. 

If you choose to edit more than one instance you will be taken directly to the recurrence tab of the usual edit screen and can change the parameters of the recurrence to match your requirements. This will involve another check to see if there are conflicts before you can save the edit.

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