Resources: How to make a room bookable outwith the school day

There are a number of ways to make rooms bookable outwith the school day. Which option you choose depends on how you would like the bookings to be made and what your current Room Booking System licence includes.

Timeslot Bookings

You can add additional timeslots outside the school day onto your system which would then be available to users to book. For example you could add a timeslot called '6pm - 7pm'. 

By default, all timeslots are shown against all resources. If you prefer that any additional timeslots you have added are only shown against those rooms where they are relevant, we can assign tiers to your system. You can find more information on this and how to set it up in our tiers guide.

Time Based Bookings

If you have the Lettings & Time Based Bookings module included in your licence then you can place the relevant rooms in a time-based category - allowing them to be booked by time or timeslot - and set opening and closing times for the room. 

If the resource is currently timeslot based, you can convert it by moving it to a time-based resource category on the Resources > Manage Resources page.

You can find out more about resource categories and how to set them up in our  all about resource categories guide. If you do not have the Lettings & Time Based Bookings module it can be added to your licence at additional cost. If you are interested in adding this option please contact us on
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