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Rooms and resources in the Room Booking System are grouped into categories to make it easier for users to find what they're looking for. A room/resource can only belong to one category, but you can have as many categories as you wish and name them according to your requirements: IT Rooms, Classrooms, Laptop Trolleys, Meeting Rooms, Sports Facilities, etc.

The Unassigned Category

When first created or added to your system rooms are added into a special category called  Unassigned. This category is hidden from all users so they're unable to see or book any room in it. Rooms in the Unassigned category don't count towards your licence's resource limit. To make Unassigned rooms bookable you just assign them to another category. See the Making rooms available for booking article for more details.

Creating New Categories

Add a new category by browsing to Resource Categories from the administrator panel. 

Click Add Category, give the category a name, and choose the appropriate Category Type (Room or Resource).

Booking Slots

If you have the  Lettings & Time-Based Module included in your licence you will see an option to choose the Booking Slots used for rooms assigned to the new category.

Timeslot Based means the category will show rooms as Period 1, Period 2, etc. according to your timetable and all bookings in the category can only be made by timeslot.

Time Based means rooms will be bookable for specific times, for example: 11:00 - 11:30. Bookings in this category can also be made by timeslot/period - you get to choose when you make the booking.

Note: Rooms which have timetabled classes will display correctly whatever the Booking Slots type chosen. 

You can edit a Timeslot Based Resource Category to Time Based, however you cannot change a category from Time Based to Timeslot Based once it has been created.

Click on Add Category to save the category.

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