SIMS: Running a Manual Sync

Your SIMs sync will usually be set to run automatically at around 2am each morning. If you need to run a sync with SIMS manually please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Room Booking System SIMS Client from the Start Menu on the computer where it is installed (normally your SIMS server) and click on Run Now.
  2. The sync will now start in a command window (black background with white text). This process normally takes a couple of minutes. The contents of the window will be similar to this:If the Room Booking System Settings details are incorrect, the content will look similar to this:
    If you see this error please skip to the Have you entered the correct System Name and API Key? section of this article.

    If the SIMS Settings are incorrect, the output will look similar to this:  
    If you see this error please skip to the Check SIMS user? section of this article. 
  3. As an administrator you can check if the sync has been successful by going to Settings > SIMS Integration where the last successful run date and time is shown:
  4. You can also see if the sync has been successful by examining the log file. This contains all the information from the sync and can be accessed from the Room Booking System SIMS Client by clicking Open Log:Scroll down to the bottom of the log and you will find the details for the latest sync run. If the run has completed successfully this will look something like this:If there has been a problem with the sync this file provides further information to help identify the failure.

    If you run into issues with the sync, please see this article: SIMS: Sync is not running successfully
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