Calendar Feeds

The Calendar Feeds option allows you to create links to feed bookings from the Room Booking into calendars such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and many others. These feeds can then be used by anyone, even if they do not have an account in Room Booking.

Note: Calendar feeds can be generated for any time-based rooms/categories. For timeslot-based rooms/categories (Period 1, Period 2, etc) you will need start and end times for your timeslots. These can usually be added via Timetable > Timeslots. Where this is not possible please send us the details to and we can add them for you.

Who can set up feeds?

Administrators - can set up feeds from particular Rooms or Resource Categories. A unique, secure link is created which can then be used to feed details into your preferred calendar. The feed includes all bookings made for all users in the selected room or category.

Users - can subscribe to a feed of their own bookings, regardless of room/category. The feed is created to the default calendar set up on their computer/device. 

Creating a Calendar Feed (Admins)

  1. On the navigation bar select Settings > Calendar Feeds.
  2. Under Create New Feed select the type of feed you would like. Category will create the feed for all the resources/rooms under a particular category.

    Room will create the feed for a particular room.
  3. For a category use the drop down Category to Show.For a Room use the drop down Room to Show.
  4. If you would like to include any booking notes in the feed, tick the box Include Booking Notes.Select Add New Feed.
  5. The feed created will now show under Existing Feeds with the Resource Type, Resource Name and a Unique URL. You can now use the Unique URL in your preferred calendar. It can take up to an hour for new bookings to be added to your calendar once set up.

Creating a Calendar Feed (Users)

Users can create their own feed for bookings made under their name. By default this will link into the default calendar on their computer/device.

  1. Log onto the Room Booking System with your user login details and from the navigation bar go to Bookings > Your Bookings.
  2. Select Subscribe to Feed.Alternatively, you can right-click on the Subscribe to Feed button and choose 'Copy Link Address' (shown below). This will copy the URL of the feed to your clipboard and allow you to paste it into your preferred Calendar application.
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