Bookings: changing the information displayed on the calendar for bookings

When viewing the Calendar of your system the heading displayed on bookings is set to the booking user's name by default. This can however be changed show the content of a specific booking note - e.g. you may prefer to display a Meeting Title note that users completed when making a booking. 

NOTE: This option will change the display globally for all users. For further information on setting up Booking Notes please see this article.

Changing the booking heading

To change the heading displayed on the Calendar for all bookings: 

  1. From the Admin Homepage select Timetable > Timetable Options.
  2. The dropdown under Booking Heading contains the default option of User's Name and also any Booking Notes set up on your system. Select your preferred option Select Update Timetable Options to save.Any bookings on your Calendar that use the selected note will now show that note's contents as the heading. The user's name on the booking will still be shown underneath, along with as any other notes. Where the selected note does not appear on a booking the user's name will remain as the heading.
  3. To make any subsequent changes on what is displayed access Timetable > Timetable Options again and change the option selected under Booking Heading.
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