Bookings: using hyperlinks in Booking Notes and Catering Items

Booking Notes and Catering Items can include external hyperlinks - to things such as a menu, a form, or a notice - in "markdown" format (note that HTML is not supported).

This only applies in the specific situations below:

  • Booking note and catering item Names
  • Label type booking notes and catering items (you select a note type when creating a note).

How to add a hyperlink

To add hyperlinks use the following formatting:

[Visible text](actual hyperlink)

The first part, in square brackets, defines the text shown to your users. The second part, in round brackets, defines the target that the text will act as a link to when it is clicked. Make sure there is no space between the final square bracket and the first rounded bracket.

For example, you could enter the following as a label name:

[Click here](https://school.domain/menu.html) to see the catering menu

This would show the following in the booking pop-up which appears in the calendar:

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