RM Unify: How to configure logins

SchoolCloud Room Booking supports logins using RM Unify which can help make user management easier for your organisation.

Prerequisites for login

In order to login, users must have the "Can set task" permission turned on in their RM Unify account. If this is not turned on, they user will be denied access regardless of the settings on the setup page (see below).

How do I set up RM Unify logins?

Logins can be enabled directly through the administrator panel in most cases. To do this, open your administrator panel then go into the System Settings > Authentication section. There is a radio button for RM Unify which, when selected, will show you the options for RM Unify logins. Make sure that the DfE number at the bottom of the section matches your school's DfE number otherwise you won't be able to login. If it's incorrect, please get in touch with us and we'll set the DfE to what it should be. 

Assuming the DfE number is correct, click the radio button then configure the options as needed.

  • Enable RM Unify Initiated Login - Toggles RM Unify login functionality as a whole. If the user is logged into RM Unify, they will be logged into Room Booking. If the user is not already logged into RM Unify and they try to log in without Enable SP Initiated Login enabled, they won't be able to gain access without going to your organisation's RM Unify page manually then logging in then coming back to the user login page of Room Booking
  • Enable SP Initiated Login - Toggles service provider initiated logins, this means that Room Booking redirects users who aren't logged into RM Unify to the RM Unify login page. The user would then log in and be redirected to their Room Booking user account. If users are already logged into RM Unify, they will simply be logged in directly.
  • Automatically Create New Users - Toggles automatic creation of users on Room Booking if a user account with a username matching that of the RM Unify login doesn't exist. 


Here are some of the most commonly encountered issues with RM Unify logins. 

Problem Solution
A user is logged into a new account instead of their existing one. This usually suggests that the username for the RM Unify account didn't match the username in Room Booking. This can be fixed by having us change the username on the existing account to that of the RM Unify account. If you need to do this in bulk, please create a spreadsheet showing the old and new usernames for each user and we can set the usernames.
No users can log in. Check that:
  • The DfE we have under the RM Unify login section is correct.
  • The option for Enable RM Unify Initiated Login and Enable SP Initiated Login are enabled.
  • If you have Automatically Create New Users turned off, make sure an account with the RM Unify account's username exists on Room Booking.
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