Setting up Timeslots

What are timeslots?

Timeslots are used to reference a period of time - often timetabled periods in schools. The most common place you will see them is down the left hand side of the Calendar tab, whilst making bookings on a resource that is in a timeslot-based resource category.

How do I set up new timeslots?

Timetabled slots are created automatically if you sync with SIMS (one of our supported management systems) but all other supported management systems work using the actual start and end times of the timeslots. You can manually set up new timeslots on your system, but it's important to note that manually created timeslots may not show timetabled classes, unless they match those on your school's management system. 

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Timetable >Timeslots.
  2. Under Add New Timeslot enter the name of the new timeslot.

    You could call the timeslot "Period 6" or make the timeslot reference times after the school day by calling it '16:00 - 17:00', etc.
    The name is unconnected to anything and is only used inside your system.
  3. You may be asked to provide the start and end time for the timeslot. When booking in a time-based resource category, these times will be used to position the slot on the time scale. In addition, some of our management system integration relies on these times to display classes correctly.

    If the slot has different times on different days, please get in touch with us on to let us know the details of this and we will set it up for you.
  4. From Add this new timeslot select where you would like the new timeslot to be positioned. You can see the timeslots already set up in the Manage Existing Timeslots section.
  5. Click on Add a New Timeslot to save any changes.

Adding Times to Timeslots

If you use our lettings module or are a business user of the system,

How do I change the order of timeslots?

If you want to change the order of the timeslots, please get in touch with us via email on letting us know the order you'd like to have.

How do I remove slots from the system?

You can delete slots from the system which have no bookings affecting them, however when an existing booking affects a timeslot you will need to contact us. We can "hide" the slot, delete the slot and move the bookings to another slot, or we can just delete the slot along with the bookings that used it. When a slot it hidden, you will still see bookings that were assigned to it in the Bookings tab but the slot and its bookings won't show on the Calendar page.

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