Adding and Editing Timeslots

What are timeslots?

Timeslots are used to reference a period of time - often timetabled periods in schools. The most common place you will see them is down the left hand side of the Calendar tab, whilst making bookings on a resource that is in a timeslot-based resource category.

How do I set up new timeslots?

Timetabled slots are created automatically if you sync with SIMS (one of our supported management systems) but all other supported management systems work using the actual start and end times of the timeslots. You can manually set up new timeslots on your system, but it's important to note that manually created timeslots will not show timetabled classes unless linked to those on your school's management system. 

  1. From the navigation bar select Timetable >Timeslots. You will see your existing timeslots, if you have any.
  2. Click Add New Timeslot and enter the details of the new timeslot.

    You could call the timeslot "Period 6", or name it to refer to times that are outwith the school day by calling it '16:00 - 17:00', etc.

    The timeslot name is unconnected to your MIS and is only used inside your system. Even timeslots that did come from your MIS can be renamed as whatever you wish.
  3. If you already have existing timeslots, you can then set at which position the new timeslot should be inserted.
  4. Whilst you do not need to add start and end times, if you do they will be used to position the slot on the time scale when displaying Timebased Resource Categories. In addition, some of our management system integrations use these times to identify where to display timetabled classes correctly. 
  5. If the slot has different times on different days, then you can select the checkbox at the top of the list of timeslots:This will give you a different version of the Add Timeslot box, allowing you to configure each day as required:
  6. If you need to change existing timeslots to differ from day to day, tick the same box and then configure each day as required.

    You can specify that a timeslot does, or does happen - or change its start and end times for the particular day of the week selected in the dropdown: 
  7. Note: specifying that a timeslot does, or does happen on a particular day only applies to systems with timebased bookings included in their licence and is used to prevent timetabled classes from appearing on any time-based display (such as in a time based categories or on a calendar feed, on a certain day). Timeslots are added globally for all days so it is not possible to use this to hide timeslots on specific days.

  8. Once you have completed any changes, click Save.

Adding Times to Timeslots

If you use our lettings module, or are a business user of the system, then you will have noticed that you can add Start and End times to your timeslots. This allows the system to know what 'Period 1' etc actually means in the real world. Meaning that rooms and resources can be booked by either time or timeslot, and that things like Calendar Feeds can be used to show bookings in external web calendars.

How do I change the order of timeslots?

If you want to change the order of the timeslots, just click on the up/down arrows at the start of each row and drag them to the position you want them to be in. 

How do I remove slots from the system?

You can only delete timeslots from the system which have no bookings affecting them, where this is the case you will see a red X at the end of the row.

Clicking this X brings up a deletion box in which you must enter the name of the timeslot to delete it.   However where a timeslot cannot be deleted, you can use the drop down at the end of the row to set it to Not Bookable. This means it no longer appears on the calendar and cannot be used. Any existing bookings that involve the timeslot will still be visible via Bookings > Manage Bookings


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