Bookings: How to view bookings by Booking Note

The Bookings by Note feature lets you view bookings which utilise particular Booking Note(s). This allows (for example) staff in your IT or Facilities departments an easy way to see those bookings which they might need to supply equipment for. You can access this feature via clicking on this icon on your Administrator Home page:

How to choose what to view 

Once the page has loaded, select the Date Range that you want to view then use the Booking Note drop down to choose the notes you are interested in. 

Example: your staff need to use a key card to gain access to certain rooms and you've set up a mandatory Booking Note for those rooms, so that anyone booking them has to enter their card number. Your IT team use that note to enable access to that room for that card number. To help them do so easily, you choose the "Key Card ID" Booking Note from the drop down:

After clicking OK all the bookings in your date range which use the note are displayed on the right, along with the note(s), their content and any Catering Item(s). If you hover over the booking, you can email the user a message of your choice, edit that booking, or delete it.

How to Let Your Users Access the List of Bookings

The Bookings by Note feature itself can only be accessed directly by an admin user. If you want someone to have direct access then you can set up an admin account for them which only has permission to view  Bookings by Note (via Users > Manage Admins on your admin home page). If you don't want to do this there are two other methods to give access to the list of bookings:

Create a Calendar Feed

Clicking on Subscribe to Feed at the top left of the page will create an ICS feed - which you can use to subscribe to a calendar feed containing only bookings with the note(s) you have chosen at the time you click it. That feed will be automatically added to the web calendar of the person who is logged in on that machine.

To use the same example as above: if your IT team use a web calendar (Google, Outlook, etc) and you want to add to their calendar all the bookings that have the "Key Card ID" Booking Note completed, you simply visit a machine they are logged in to, start a web browser and log in to the Room Booking System as admin, go to Bookings by Note, choose the relevant notes, then click Subscribe to Feed.

NOTE: when you click it, the feed will be opened in the default calendar application of that PC/Mac. If that doesn't happen, please ensure there is an application that can handle web calendars installed. 

Print Bookings

This prints out a list of the bookings that contain the note(s) you chose. You can then give this to the staff in question.

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