Lettings: How to set up an external hirer

If you have external users or organisations that you charge for use of your rooms or resources this guide will show you how to set those users/organisations up on the system. Once they are set up on the system you will then be able to add chargeable bookings for them and generate and manage the invoices for these.

Note: Hirers can only be added to your system if the optional Letting and Time Based Bookings Module has been purchased as part of your Licence. If you do not have this and are interested in adding this option please contact us on sales@schoolcloud.co.uk to discuss.

What is a hirer?

A hirer is an external user or organisation set up on your system who can have chargeable bookings added in their name. When a booking is made the hirer can be sent an email confirming the details. Invoices for their bookings can be generated, and emailed to them.

Note: Hirers cannot log into the system themselves and their bookings must be made by one of your Room Booking administrators. Correspondingly, you cannot invoice your ordinary system users.

How to set up a hirer

  1. From the Administrator Panel select Invoices > Manage Hirers > Add Hirer.
  2. Enter the hirer's details under First Name, Last Name, Organisation and Email
    These details will be used to populate fields on generated invoices.
  3. You can set up hirers with their own booking colour and VAT rates, which help make the system easier to use when there are many hirers or ones that are VAT exempt (such as charities). 

    Select the preferred colour by clicking on the box under Booking Display Colour.
  4. Enter the hirer's details under Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3, Post Code, Telephone.

    These details will be used to populate fields on the generated invoices

  5. Select the relevant vat rate applicable for the hirer under Vat Rate.

  6. Once all the details have been entered click Add Hirer.

Once the hirer has been added, they will show under the Invoices tab's Manage Hirers section and you can start assigning bookings to them:

How do I edit/delete an existing hirer?

You can edit an existing external hirer on the Invoices > Manage Hirers section of the administration panel by clicking the pencil icon. The cross icon will allow you to completely remove the external hirer, along with any bookings and invoices associated with them.

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