Lettings: How to set up chargeable items

Chargeable items allow you to add additional costs to bookings, made for external hirers, which are not covered by the price plan already set on the room/resource. This could cover, for example, equipment hire or insurance costs. These can be set up as one off costs, added individually, or as multiples.

If you are looking to add a price plan onto a room/resource being hired please see  How to set up a price plan/booking fee instead.

Note: Chargeable Items can only be added to your system if the optional Letting and Time Based Bookings Module has been purchased as part of your Licence. If you do not have this and are interested in adding this option please contact us on sales@schoolcloud.co.uk.

How to set up Chargeable Items

  1. Select Invoices > Chargeable Items > Add Chargeable Item from the Administrator Panel.Enter the name of the item under Item Name and from the drop down under Item Type select either Quantity or Yes/No.

    allows multiples of the item to be booked.

    Yes/No allows the item to be added at most once.

    Under Price inc Vat per item enter the price per item.The Active Categories & Resource section lets you choose the categories & resources for which the item will show as an option on the booking screen. 

    Once all the details have been added click Add Chargeable Item.

    Repeat the process if you have multiple charges to add.

  2. Once they are set up, you can change the order the items appear on the booking screen by clicking on the up or down arrow to the left of the item.
  3. To edit the item, once set up, click the pencil icon on the right, amend the relevant fields and then click Edit Item to update.
  4. To delete an item click the red cross next to the item. You will then be asked to confirm the deletion. If correct click Delete Chargeable Item.

Where will the charge show when making a booking?

Chargeable Items can only be added when an administrator is making a booking on behalf of an external hirer. They cannot be added to bookings made for your ordinary internal users. 

The item(s) will appear as a selectable option when a booking is being made. The choices under the item will depend on the item type you selected:

Yes/No : Simply select Yes to apply the charge.

Quantity: Select the number of items to be charged.

Once selected the total cost, including any price plan amount, will show at the bottom of the booking screen.

Once the booking has been saved this amount is also visible on the calendar to users with the relevant permissions to see booking notes. The amount also shows to administrators when viewing the booking on the calendar.

Once the booking has been made an invoice can be generated. Please see How to generate invoices for full details on how to do this.

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