Lettings: How to set up a price plan/booking fee

Price Plans allow you to easily manage and assign the relevant costs for a booking to a hirer at a rate based on either the number of hours or timeslots the booking covers. Price Plans may simply be your standard booking rate or, for example, a special reduced rate for frequent hirers of a resource/charities, etc. The Price Plan used is identified and itemised on invoices generated by Room Booking. This guide covers how to add a new Price Plan and assign it to a resource. 

How to set up a Price Plan

Price Plans are setup on your Resources via the the Lettings section of the Resource Edit page. you can access this via Resources > Manage Resources and clicking the Edit button next to the resource in question. Click the Add New Plan button to create a new Price Plan. Once the Plan has been added, you can:

  • Set whether or not the plan is "Active" - allowing you to choose whether or not the plan shows as an option when making a booking
  • Set, or change, the price per hour or timeslot.
  • Delete the plan. Note that this will also remove any references to the plan in existing invoices.

When you're finished setting up Price Plans, click the Edit Resource button at the foot of the page to save your changes.

Once a Price Plan has been created on a resource it is immediately available for use on all other resources. You apply it by editing those resources and setting the plan to be Active

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